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Data protection and continuity in hybrid and multi-cloud environments. This session will examine how appliances, automation, and artificial intelligence are changing data management.

High performing MSPs know that tools that work together have a dramatic impact when it comes to enhancing a team’s productivity. The right solution makes it easy to quickly execute tasks at hand while accessing pertinent information with ease. This session will explore how MSPs can leverage the power of an integrated PSA and IT documentation solution to improve performance and grow the business.

In this session we will examine how to lay the RMM foundation for automation, focusing on platform security, managing organizations and groups, leveraging managed variables, and differentiating templates from system policies. We will also highlight custom fields ideal for automation, effective monitors, and agent procedures. The session will conclude with how to ensure all of these components work together.

Backup and disaster recovery has been a staple for service providers for decades, but there are new angles and programs that can give your business a distinct advantage. Learn the new tools and programs Unitrends is unveiling to give partners the edge. This includes a “how to guide” on adding SaaS backup to your portfolio and how to launch an effective "go to market strategy" around a Data Management practice, not just individual components (Back up/Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery).

In this session we will define the threat landscape and step through the NIST Cybersecurity Framework for SMBs to teach attendees how to identify threats, protect networks and employees, detect and mitigate threats, and recover from disasters. The course will conclude with an explanation of cybersecurity solutions to meet these threats.

This session will provide attendees with an understanding of what to include in a compelling, comprehensive cybersecurity services solution stack, the sales process for cybersecurity services, and how to qualify and sell these services to prospects and clients.

Cocktails / Partner Pavilion

Dinner Event / Presentation of APAC Techies Awards